Aya Goods Lookbook

This decolonial project emerged at a point where three Black Woman creatives made moves to innovate the fashion landscape in pursuit of the communal, the craft and the universal ownership as served by the hands that fashioned the decolonial project.

The collaboration is between myself, Anaka Morris and Lucy Mulima. The former is a light worker in the diaspora,  an undisciplined visual artist and archivist born in Portland, Oregon. The latter is the mastermind behind the designs of Aya Goods.

We staged Our decolonial intervention on a full moon in Company Gardens, a space with a colonial legacy, in which seeds of a different kind were planted. 

What unites Us is a postcolonial prerogative which seeks to affirm and expand across the Black Atlantic a new collaborative dimension, both within the margins of nation-space and across boundaries between the nations of the USA, Zambia and South Africa.

We instinctually weave into reality a renaming of the postmodern as expressed in the contemporary fashion landscape world, and consequently invert the gaze on the body of the Black Female.

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Chaze Matakala